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What camera should you buy?


The question of what camera to buy is one that comes up over and over again. Over the last couple of years, prices of cameras have dropped and continue to drop to a point where it is no longer prohibitive for most people to go out and pick up a good camera.

With so many options on the market it can be quite difficult to choose. Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony and several manufacturers all have viable options out there but the most common struggle is the Nikon vs Canon war.


So which should you buy?


Well, neither or both or just one. You should buy the one that works for you.

You see, shopping for a camera is like shopping for clothes or for a car or a house. The differences between brands have become smaller and smaller and it’s just a matter of personal taste now.

Each brand delivers quality cameras that can take stunning images in the right hands but each one will feel different in your hands and the images will render slightly different. The buttons on the cameras will all do the same thing but be in different places and called different things.

So, you should walk into a store and hold cameras from different brands to decide which feels the most natural or at least comfortable to you.  Play around with each one for a few minutes and decide which you like best.

That, is the camera you should buy. It’s your money, and it’s going to be your camera.

I guarantee you that regardless of what camera you get, once you learn to use it you’ll be taking great images on it as well.

If however you’re stuck and need some more detailed answers then send me message and I’ll be happy to walk you through it.


Now if you’re trying to create images like the one below, then I suggest you get a… To be continued. 🙂

The image below was shot during a fashion shoot. The rest of the shoot can be seen in my gallery.

Models in car

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Well it’s Friday and I still have lots to do but I’m excited for the coming weeks. I have a few exciting ideas brewing and I can’t wait to get started on them.

How’s your photography coming along? Please drop me a line letting me know what you’re working on or trying to learn and let’s see if we can’t figure it out together.

Have a lovely weekend. See you next week.

Model: Danielle and Make up and hair by Martin Rab

Lighting Diagram for a beauty image by David Otokpa

Lighting diagram from the nice folks at

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Following on from the last post, we’ll continue with our lighting tutorial. Let us look at another image and the lighting set up for the image.

Model beauty image

Model: Danielle, Make up and hair by Martin Rab


Lighting diagram from the nice folks at

Have a lovely day.

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Not really what you thought it would be is it? Well I’m posting images and the lighting diagrams.

I’ve been very busy these past couple of days and haven’t had any time to type up anything for the blog and last weeks post was also quite a bit to take in so I’ve decided to keep it light this week.

Have a great week.

Here’s an image shot for a mock jeans ad. Camera settings at ISO 200, f/6.3, 1/160 and a focal length of 150.0mm.

2 lights. One gridded for the background (camera left and behind the model) and one gridded softbox (camera right and beside the model)

Sexy Jeans Ad

Mock Jeans Ad. Model: Christina

The Lighting Diagram was created at

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  • April 17, 2012 - 8:47 pm

    Chris Ihidero - Hey David, this is very good. Keep up the good work.



Back for day 2 of the planning to execution of a photo shoot series. Today, we’re going to look at what I put together and send out to the entire team. I also have this and update it or add any information I need as the day approaches. Read through, and feel free to ask any questions you might have.

I got the original template for this from another photographer called Sans Talbot, who is based out of Austin Texas. Anyway, feel free to modify it to suit your needs. The lesson here is that proper planning is needed to keep things as productive as possible.

The shoot was supposed to involve a female model who couldn’t make it on the day so I had to change the story slightly on the day. You should always leave room for some surprises and be ready to improvise.


David Otokpa logo

Project Title: Street Fight



This is an un-commissioned photo shoot to show the raw and animal side of humans.

Images should depict the violence in a graphic but not shocking way. The aim is for the viewer to be comfortable looking at the images and find them aesthetically pleasing. The mood of the images should be set using location and light.


Project Description:

The shoot narrates the story of a chance encounter between 3 strangers. 2 men and one beautiful woman. She catches the eye of both men and in a bid to decide who gets her they get into a street fight.

Traditional kick-boxing meets street fighting in an extreme and brutal way.

Both male models are geared up to fight and rather than use regular boxing gloves or bandages, their arms are wrapped in cotton ropes. On some carefully staged scenes, pieces of bottles will be attached to the knuckles of the boxers for an even bizarre and extreme look.

The female is strong and fashionable. Watching the fight with a look of slight enjoyment on her face at some moments.

Interaction between male models and female model should be present. (Direct line of sight and showmanship is important.)

There should also be a group scene with people taking bets and watching the fight. With an aim to include people dressed in various styles and classes.



David Otokpa

Reference Images and Ideas:


reference images collected online for photo shoot not all shot by me.



1 Female Model: Cancelled.
5’10 and taller.

2 Male Models: Mun Dhariwal & Conan

6’ and above.
One clean cut and one rougher looking.

Model Requirements & Nudity level:


Should be comfortable posing with models of same and opposite sex.

Model Release Required.


Wardrobe and Look:

Fighters to wear suits and change into street / gym clothes.

Female model is to be elegantly dressed.

Hair & Make up:

Blood / special effects make up.


Location Address


Sunday, August 22,2010

Call Time : 10am – 6pm.


TFP. (Time for Pictures)

Photographer will make a selection of no less than 3 images to be retouched and delivered to models.



As always, questions and comments are welcome.

Have a lovely week. See you next week.


To see the resulting images from this shoot please click to view the “FIGHT CLUB” Series in SPORTS & FITNESS section of my PORTFOLIO.
You can also download a pdf copy of the production file “HERE


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