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Humanity – We are all People

Humanity – We are all people is one of my least known projects but one of the ones I am most proud of. One I will likely have hung in my kitchen for a long time!
Photograph of eggs representing humanity


The brief was simple really; to create an image that would conceptually convey the idea of humanity. That regardless of our skin colour, age, race, sex, etc. we are all the same.

The image also had to be visually pleasing and attractive. Not the traditional images of shock and horror that we are confronted with most times.


This got me thinking for a while and I decided to take a path most unusual to my work. I really wasn’t sure where I would go with the project but I had decided on 3 things.

The first was I wanted a graphic image. Something that would look beautiful hung on a wall from far off. One that would hide it’s true meaning from any viewer at first glance.

The second was that I did not want to include any people in the image.

Finally, I didn’t want to rely heavily on post production (photoshop). I wanted to get the image in camera and do very little in post.


The resulting image was the outcome of the project and here’s an insight to my thought process.


All eggs are individually different.

You can take 10 chicken eggs and look at them and they would all be unique on the outside. No two are ever the same. Much like human beings.

Crack them and they all appear inside as well. Much like we are.


It doesn’t matter what race, sex or size we are. Our blood is all the same colour.

I chose to shoot the image using chicken, duck, quail and ostrich eggs to get various sizes. The colours are all different, eggs, are from different time periods, sizes, shapes etc. Representing race, age, shape or physical properties respectively.


I hope you enjoy the image while remembering to love. Let us Love each other.

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  • May 19, 2014 - 7:06 pm

    Chika ThankGod - I relished this!

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