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Published on Vogue Italia website.

There are several publications I’d like to work with and Vogue Italia is at the very top of the list. So it was very exciting to have an image of mine on their website. I’m still waiting to shoot for the print edition but I’ll settle for this for now.

The shoot was a test with a model that was introduced to me by another model I’ve shot a few times. It was all very last minute and I was a little sceptical about the shoot as we didn’t have a make up artist or stylist.

Yup! You don’t always need a huge team. Don’t get me wrong, I very rarely work without a make up artist at the very least because they can make your job so much easier but I had a good feeling and was feeling adventurous. 🙂


But… Great images don’t just happen. Don’t leave it up to chance to fall into place.

We spoke a few days before and I knew she could do her make up herself so I gave her directions on what I wanted her to do with her hair and makeup for the day. I also ran through a clothing items for her to bring.


Indie was great to work with through the rain, the jumping in heels, my not feeling too well, breaking a flash and working in a public place with people strolling around.


Here are some images from the shoot. Visit my fashion gallery to see the rest and more.

Click here to see the image on Vogue Italia website

Fashion model in movement

Fashion and Fountains

woman swinging a bag

Indie in Bag Campaign

woman and Gucci

Women Love Gucci

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