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You take rubbish pictures and here’s why!

So I bought some pretty expensive plumbing tools and I’m going to become a plumber. Shocked? You should be; buying tools of a trade doesn’t make you skilled at the trade.


You might buy the most expensive camera equipment but that doesn’t mean much either. The best or most expensive camera equipment can’t make you a better photographer. Only you can do that.

One of the most important things a photographer has is his vision; his ideas, his viewpoint, his eye (the way he sees the world).

Digital photography has made taking pictures so cheap and affordable that most of us fire away taking hundreds of pictures. The problem with this is that while that doesn’t cost you much other than the price of the camera, most people are not thinking about what they are photographing or what in fact they would like to photograph.

If you remember nothing you read on this blog but what I’m about to say, you’ll be a better photographer than most.


Next time you want to take a picture, stop for a moment, take the camera away from your eyes and just look at the scene. Think about what it is you want to say. What you want to capture.

Decide what you want to include in the picture. Is your position right for what you want to show? If not, move. You might not have to move much or you might have to. Either way, thinking before shooting is bound to increase the quality of your pictures.


Well that’s it for today. Get out there and keep shooting but remember… Look, think and then click.


Have a lovely day.


The dress in the image below was made of paper and created by 2 designers.

Model in paper dress

The dress is by designers Sandra Tozeva and Ferilu Josh. Model is Alycia, Make up by Karen L.

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