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What Lens should you buy?

What lens should You buy?


Last post, we looked at what camera you should buy. Today we’re looking at what lens you should buy.

The question of what lens you should buy is not as straightforward or simple as choosing a camera. The reason is that once you get into the world of DSLR’s, your lenses become your investment. People tend to acquire lenses over a period of time and the collective price tends to add up to more than the price of a camera body alone. This fact makes choosing your lenses carefully something to be taken seriously.


What lens or lenses you should get depends largely on what you’re going to be photographing and your shooting style.

Do you like to photograph people or landscapes, Insects or wild life? Maybe everything.

Are you more at ease photographing from a distance or do you want to be right in with the action? Natural light or studio flashes? Are you more of an indoor or outdoor shooter?

All these factors can and should be taken into account when you’re looking to purchase a lens.

Lenses are either zoom lenses or prime lenses ( a prime is a lens with one focal length. It doesn’t have the ability to zoom).


  • If you’re interested in photographing landscapes and buildings, you’ll be best served with a wide-angle lens. Anything between a 10 to 35 mm should work. You can use other lenses but these would be a joy for you.
  • If people are more your cup of tea then I’d say a nice zoom which gives you between 50mm to 200mm would give the most flattering results.
  • And if you’re into more specialist things like wildlife or insect shots you might want something more specialist and which costs more than the average lens.


Well I’m going to keep is short and pick this up next week. Stop by for more detailed information on lenses and which one is best for you.


The image below is of a model/dancer that I photographed and was impressive to work with. Have a lovely weekend.

Man jumping high and suspended mid air

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  • May 4, 2012 - 2:29 pm

    Iman B - Thanks D, that is a great help. I am still working on questions to get more answers and get more detail.


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