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What camera should you buy?

What camera should you buy?


The question of what camera to buy is one that comes up over and over again. Over the last couple of years, prices of cameras have dropped and continue to drop to a point where it is no longer prohibitive for most people to go out and pick up a good camera.

With so many options on the market it can be quite difficult to choose. Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony and several manufacturers all have viable options out there but the most common struggle is the Nikon vs Canon war.


So which should you buy?


Well, neither or both or just one. You should buy the one that works for you.

You see, shopping for a camera is like shopping for clothes or for a car or a house. The differences between brands have become smaller and smaller and it’s just a matter of personal taste now.

Each brand delivers quality cameras that can take stunning images in the right hands but each one will feel different in your hands and the images will render slightly different. The buttons on the cameras will all do the same thing but be in different places and called different things.

So, you should walk into a store and hold cameras from different brands to decide which feels the most natural or at least comfortable to you.  Play around with each one for a few minutes and decide which you like best.

That, is the camera you should buy. It’s your money, and it’s going to be your camera.

I guarantee you that regardless of what camera you get, once you learn to use it you’ll be taking great images on it as well.

If however you’re stuck and need some more detailed answers then send me message and I’ll be happy to walk you through it.


Now if you’re trying to create images like the one below, then I suggest you get a… To be continued. 🙂

The image below was shot during a fashion shoot. The rest of the shoot can be seen in my gallery.

Models in car

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