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Know your “body”

What’s the manual mode on your camera for?

Photography is not tied to any brand of camera. You can use a Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax or whatever you choose. I won’t discuss settings on individual cameras but more on the principles that are the same regardless of camera. So pull out your manual and get to know  your camera body.

Well enough about what I think I’m going to do. Let’s just get on with it…


The scene is perfect in your eyes.  The destination wedding has been stunning as the sun sets in the background and the newly wed couple share the first kiss as man as man and wife. You shoot away with joy only to review the image. And find with much disappointment that your expensive new camera has taken a picture that is too dark or too bright. I’ve been there and you probably have as well.


The camera didn’t fail. It didn’t fail me and it didn’t fail you. It did what you asked it to do which is to take a picture “it” thinks is accurate. What we need to do is tell it exactly what we want it to do and not what “it” thinks we want.


This means shooting in manual mode on your camera.

There are three main things which we’ll cover briefly and then in greater depth in subsequent posts.


They are the ISO, the aperture and the shutter speed.

I want you to take this weekend to know your camera body.
Figure out how to change your ISO, your aperture and shutter speed so we can get busy next week.

Have a lovely weekend. See you Tuesday.


Here’s an image shot on location. Shot using one strobe at ISO 1000, f4.0 and 1/40s.

Fashion Models wearing red and black

Image shot for House of Silk 2011 Campaign


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