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Photography School. To go or not?

Well, I constantly get asked about my experience art art school and if I think photography school is worth going to.

It’s 4:30am (don’t ask), I’m online on Melissa Rodwell’s blog(one of the few photography blogs I follow) and came “this post” which pretty much sums up my take on the issue so head over there and see what she has to say. Check out her work as well. I think she’s pretty interesting.

Back to the issue, I really think everyone’s different and you should find what works for you. Unlike Melissa, the technical stuff came easy to me but I wanted to develop the creative and artistic side further and that’s why I chose not to go for a commercial photography course but instead went for something more fine art based.

It’s been worth it for me and I have no regrets but you decide for yourself. I’ll end this here. How it’s affected my work is another post alltogether.

Anyway, Read her take on the issue HERE.

Much love,
David O.

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